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Looking for a unlocked cell phone but do not want to get stuck in a “contract” for years with a certain carrier? You want the ability to pick the carrier and plan you want, then you may want to look at buying an “unlocked” cell phone.

When you buy a cell phone from a certain carrier that cell phone would be “locked” meaning that you can only get service from that cellular carrier. If you buy an “unlocked” phone you are not locked into getting service from only one service carrier. You would generally be able to go to almost any carrier for service.

Now you have to watch for the type of phone it is, CDMA or GSM. An unlocked GSM phone cannot work on a CDMA’s voice or data network. So you will want to keep that in mind when picking what phone you want as well. Make sure it works on the type of network you will be getting service from – CDMA or a GSM network.

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